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Namaste to all my brothers and sisters here we will teach you how to attain the Mantra Siddhi.

Mantra Siddhi is not just chanting the Mantra sometime and somewhere. It a very complex procedure.

You have to chant and pronounce correctly and do lots of Vedic rituals and Meditation. There are some essential pre-requisites of a Mantra Siddhi(Mastery) which a seeker should be well prepared before diving into the process.

Here we will show you to attain the Siddhi of Vishnu Mantra for profit in business, make your business superb.

Om Namo Vishnave Namah

ॐ नमो विष्णवे नमः

The Problems which our course solve

  • How to attain Mantras Sidhi
  • Don’t How to Chant Mantra (Mantra japa)?
  • Don’t Know to Pronounce Sanskrit Mantras?
  • What we have to do today for Mantra Sidhi
  • When you should chant Mantras
  • How to make them more effective
  • Importance of pronunciation and meaning of Mantra
  • Learn Mantra chanting technique
  • Step by step practice for beginner
  • How to use mantras for maximum effect
  • How to get mantra all benefits
  • How to practice mantra siddhi

Most of the new sadhaks who venture into Mantra Siddhi often feel disillusioned when they are not able to correctly pronounce the mantras. Sometimes, they aren’t even able to spell out the words.

Since, the Mantras are in Sanskrit, any sadhak would need assistance of a mentor to understand, learn and practise the Mantras.

In order to help the seekers get over the language problem, we have introduced three different levels for Mantra chanting.

Each level of Mantra chanting would address some specific problems encountered during the Mantra chanting. Upon completion of the third level, you would be chanting the Mantra like an expert meditator.

During each level, you simply need to watch the videos, listen to Mantras, understand it, practise and learn.

All the processes and rituals related to the Mantra Siddhi(Mastery) will be dealt sequentially by our expert mentor through audio-video demonstration.

The program enlists all the basic requirements of Mantra Siddhi(Mastery) such as asana, posture, mudra, time and other details. The mentor will guide you through each of the requirements and the ways to do it.
We will provide you with the details of all the daily rituals that a sadhak has to do before and after Mantra chanting.

You get all information about when, how to chant , about direction and repetitions.

What you'll learn

  • In order that a seeker makes the perfect pronunciation, intonation and modulation during Mantra chanting, we have divided the Mantra japa learning process into three levels.
  • We will teach you how to use each level of Mantra Japa in Sadhana.
  • The level ranges from beginners to expert. In the first level, you understand the syllables of the Mantra and its pronunciation.
  • In the second level, you chant along the mentor in a slow speed and in the expert level, you actually do the chants.
  • We have created the best audio visual for the Mantra japa process, which will definitely be of great help.
  • The mentor will assist you in deciding which Mantra sidhi you should opt for depending upon your circumstances and the requirements.
  • The course will deal with all the important rituals required before starting and after completion of the Mantra meditation.
  • We have made step-wise videos for every step of Mantra Siddhi. For simplicity, our mentor will help you navigate through every step in completing the Vedic obligations.
  • all the rituals would be demonstrated by the mentors in a step-wise fashion. You simply need to follow the steps by playing the videos on your laptop and mobile.
  • We have dealt the Mantra japa. All the questions and problems faced by the seeker in Mantra chanting have been thoroughly dealt with.
  • We will teach you to use each level in mantra jaap. The course will also guide you in how to use the videos of the mantra jaap while practising.
  • 24*7 Support
  • 5, 7 and 108 repetitions of Mantra

Your Instructor

Milan Dada
Milan Dada

Hello Friends,

A warm welcome to the digital platform of “Mantra Sidhi Sadhana Program”!!!

I am Milan Dada, younger son of Shastri Lal Maharaaj. I have many years of experience in the field of Astrology and Vastu Consultancy. In this program, I would be mentoring and guiding my seekers through the entire course.

In order to help you navigate through the important rituals, I would be assisting you with all the steps with clear demonstration. These rituals will be taught on a daily basis.You simply need to follow up.

Since the languages of the mantras are in Sanskrit, I will also guide you in chanting the mantra.

This program will help you attain mastery and sidhi over Mantras. Vedic Mantras are sacred hymns and has the capacity to transform your life and lead you to a happier path. All your daily life problems and sorrows would vanish away on completion of your mantra siddhi. However, you will start feeling positive changes in your life from the very beginning of the program.

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